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Welcome to Gramotech!

Gramotech started in 2018 with the release of Babylon, our debut multi-band EQ. After many failed attempts and scrapped projects, we finally had a product we were proud of and ready to share with the world.

Initially we had planned to do a whole range of ‘essential’ multi-band plug-ins which would include Babylon and Pompeii, our multi-band dynamics processor. Coming into 2020, we decided to put that original plan on hold and work on a new plug-in that would allow us to really express our creativity and so we made Contortion-24, a distortion and saturation plug-in.

In the future we hope to continue making fantastic plug-ins. Eventually we’ll get back to finishing off our essentials bundle with a few more plug-ins to join Babylon and Pompeii, but we’re also excited to see where our creativity can take us into creating some truly unique products.