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Welcome to Gramotech!

Gramotech started in 2018 with the release of Babylon, our debut audio plug-in. After many failed attempts and scrapped projects we finally had a product we were proud of and ready to share with the world. Babylon is now used by hundreds of musicians and engineers across the globe. Gramotech is ever growing; with 3 fantastic, unique plug-ins and many more planned for the future.

Gramotech is the result of our combined love for audio and passion for modern UI design. We use every ounce of knowledge we have to make our plug-ins sound as great as they possibly can and use every last drop of our creativity to present our plug-ins with beautiful, modern interfaces.

Our current goal is to produce a bundle of essentials - vital plug-ins for any musician or engineer with simple, easy to use designs. This bundle will include Babylon and Pompeii, as well as several other plug-ins with a similar style.
After that... we have no idea. We may venture into the world of synthesisers, or we may go back and make some pro versions of our existing plug-ins. Either way, you can stay in touch by following our social media links at the top of this page.