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Welcome to Gramotech

The UK's newest (and soon to be best) manufacterer of audio plugins!

At Gramotech, we’ve set out to produce an extensive collection of high-quality audio plugins for musicians and engineers alike.

Our main focus is to ensure our plugins look great and sound even greater. To achieve this, we put a huge amount of attention into the design of our plugins – optimising the workflow as much as possible – and ensuring to use the most cutting-edge techniques in our audio processing.

After many scrapped projects and failed attempts, we finally released our first plugin, Babylon, late in 2018.

Babylon, our comprehensive multi-band EQ, had an admittedly rocky start but is now a strong and stable plugin that was featured in the February 2019 edition of Sound on Sound Magazine – as well as many blogs and other media outlets.

Because we love audio production just as much as you, we only make plugins that we ourselves would love to use and find super useful on our own audio production work.

Our plugins are great for both music production, and other sound production (like TV and film, podcasts, etc.) – although, since we’re all musicians ourselves, we tend to cater more towards the musical capabilities of our plugins.

We already have customers from all over the industry, including professional mastering engineers, film composers, and many indie musicians.

We’re eager to learn your story too! Get in touch and we may feature you and your work on our site and social media!

Our number one priority is to produce high quality plugins that we can be really proud of. We want our users to have a great experience when using our plugins which is why we always welcome feedback and feature requests for our products. We’ve already built a reputation for fixing issues and adding new features quickly, and plan on maintaining this reputation.