Open Beta

Welcome to the open beta of our upcoming plug-in, Contortion-24!

This is a limited-time FREE trial of our new plug-in which will help us fine-tune everything before the final release. Take part in the beta and get extra 10% off the release price.

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The highlights

3 different effect categories.

Unique sound and character.

Waveform and analyser displays.

Full automation support.

VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Dozens of unique effects.

Simple, intuative interface.

Optimised workflow.

Clear input and output meters.

A/B comparison with undo & redo.

The effects

Contortion-24 has three main effect categories: distortion, saturation, and waveshaping. Each category has its particular uses and uniqueness and each specific effect within those categories is carefully designed to produce a high quality result.


The distortion effects are designed to give your sound some attitude, some crunch, or to just turn every dial up to 11. The distortion effects in Contortion-24 use transfer functions with sharp corners to produce lots of extra harmonics which will take any weak, puny sound and make it FAT.


Saturation is a much gentler form of distortion. The saturation effects in Contortion-24 use soft transfer functions to produce subtle harmonic distortion, giving warmth and colour to your sound. These are ideal for acoustic instruments or to add a certain ambience and character to a whole track.


The waveshaping effects in Contortion-24 have crazy transfer functions to completely transform your sound into something almost unrecognisable. The effects 'break' the sound in creative ways and produce a truely unique, grungy sound that's perfect for glitchy EDM or low-fi beats.

Take part

To take part in the beta you'll need to answer a few questions and then give us your email address so we can send you a download link. We'll also use your email address to later send you some follow up questions to see what you thought of our new plug-in. Completing the follow up questionaire will get you an additional 10% discount when the full plug-in is released!

System Requirements


  • Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • VST3 compatible host or Pro Tools.


  • OSX 10.7 or later.
  • VST3 or AU compatible host or Pro Tools.

Latest Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the beta plug-in to crash without an internet connection.
  • Made the 'Warm' effect warmer.
  • Made the 'Punchy' effect more punchy.
  • Made the 'Bright' effect brighter.
  • Initial release.