GT Analyser

High resolution spectrum analyser.

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Inspect every detail of your frequency domain with our free spectrum analyser plug-in, GT Analyser.

Featuring a high resolution, multichannel frequency analyser, precision level meters, and a simple correlation meter, GT Analyser shows you a great overview of the frequency content of your sound.

The analyser can be fully customised through its many parameters allowing it to be fine-tuned for any application.

GT Analyser now allows you to save snapshots which can later be used as a reference which is ideal for frequency matching.

With a clever and unique algorithm, GT Analyser gives far more low-end precision than other leading spectrum analysers and it’s available entirely for free.

GT Analyser is donationware.
We kindly ask that you consider donating a small amount to help us fund this project. This donation is entirely optional so GT Analyser can be downloaded for FREE with absolutely no limitations


  • Professional sound quality
  • High performance GUI
  • Unmatched low-end precision
  • Colour-coordinated channels
  • Reference snapshots
  • Stereo and mid/side displays
  • Correlation meter
  • Resizable UI
  • Full automation support
  • VST3, AU, and AAX formats

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or later.
  • VST3 compatible host or Pro Tools.


  • OSX 10.7 or later.
  • VST3 or AU compatible host, or Pro Tools.

Latest Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the plug-in to crash without a config file.
  • Fixed a bug where closing one instance of the plug-in would cause other instances' UI's to display the wrong name.
  • Complete redesign.